5 Recommendations of Beach Tents for Children

Summer time is upon us, which means a lot of you will be hitting the beach or the pool with your children.  Besides stocking up on sunscreen, bathing suits, towels and water toys we also suggest investing in an infant beach tent that will help protect your children against UV rays.

Infant beach tents is just what the name implies – a small tent that provides shade for your baby/children. Some of the larger models work very well for toddlers and can provide protection for more than one child at a time.  Infant beach umbrellas usually just have enough room for a single baby.

When looking for beach shades and tents for your child/children, you should keep an eye out for a few important features:

  • The tent should be lightweight and easy to carry
  • The tent should be easy to put up and take down
  • The tent should be stable enough to withstand breezes
  • The tent should include a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)
  • You should make sure there is good air circulation (this is specifically for infant tents)

We’ve compiled a list of five infant tents/umbrellas that we recommend and that fit the criteria above. Not all are made specifically for children, but can be used to help cover them from the intense sun.

Top 5 Recommendations for Infant and Toddler Beach Tents

1. Coolibar Baby Beach Tent

JiSu Blog - Baby Beach Tents Coolibar

Coolibar Beach Baby Tent

The Coloibar Beach Baby Tent is a true tent in that you have the ability to zip up the door for privacy. It is also very lightweight and easy to put together.  It even includes a color coordinated carry case which makes it easier to carry to the beach or the pool.

2. Cielo Sun and Beach Shelter

Grand Trunk Cielo Shelter

The Cielo Sun and Beach Shelter is super lightweight and is easy to put together. It’s large enough to fit adults and children to make it convenient for parents to care for especially young kids. It also has a removable coated floor that you can remove if you want to sit on the sand. This will come in handy if your child wants to play in the sand, but you still want them to be covered.

3. Lightspeed Quick Draw Tent

JiSu Blog - Baby Beach Tents Lightspeed

Lightspeed Quick Draw tent

This tent has three sides and can protect you and your children from the sun and from inclement weather. It includes a top-pull hub system that is quick to set up and tear down, so you won’t have to struggle with installation. Be careful during windy weather as you might have to utilize the sand bags and tent stakes included with the tent. 

4. Pacific Play Seaside Beach Cabana

Seaside Beach Cabana

Pacific Play makes a number of great tent options perfect for your child if they need to take a nap while at the pool or the beach. Two mesh side panels provide great air ventilation. There is also a thick padding you can put down on the floor of the tent to make it more comfortable for young children while they nap. Assembly is also super easy.

5. Schylling Infant Play Shade Pop Up Tent

JiSu Blog - Baby Beach Tents Schylling

Schylling Infant Play Shade Pop Up Tent

The Schylling Infant Play Shade Pop Up Tent has the highest UPF rating of 50+ so it’s the best protection (in addition to sunscreen) from the sun’s rays.  It also folds up to the size of a frisbee, so it is easy to carry around. The tent also offerings privacy if needed as the door folds down to let your children take a nap without being bothered. 

Are there any other baby beach tents or shades that you would recommend?   Have you used any of the tents we listed? Tell us what you think of our suggestions.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, while you are shopping for beach tents, you might want to consider buying a great outdoor beach / picnic blanket that can be used both inside and outside the tent.

Finally, don’t forget to use your JiSu universal shopping cart to help shop, review and create wish lists while shopping for your children.

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