Top 5 Baby Mobiles

Baby mobiles provide great stimulation and fun for newborns.  It also can provide a welcome 10 minute break for parents from holding your newborn.  We share our top 5 recommendations for baby mobiles.

As great as baby mobiles are, keep in mind that they only have a narrow window of use between roughly 1 month to 5 months.  Before, one month old, your baby may not have the sight or awareness to enjoy the mobile.  After 5 months, your baby may try to pull or climb and for safety reasons, you should remove a crib attached mobile.

Top 5 Recommendations for Baby Mobiles

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Tiny Love has designed their mobiles to rotate in a way that puts the exciting movement in perfect sightline for your newborn.  This guarantees stimulation and excitement.  Tiny Love makes several models so you are bound to find one that suits your style and taste.  Each one comes with music.
Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

2. Fisher Price Luv U Zoo™ Snuggle Cub Soother Mobile

Fisher Price’s mobile is another great battery powered option that provides soothing music and engaging motion.  A really nice feature with this one is that you can keep the soother attached to the crib when it’s time to remove the mobile.

JiSu Online Shopping Blog on Baby Mobiles - Fisher Price

Fisher Price Baby Mobile

3. Skwish Mobile – Manhattan Baby

The Skwish mobile is wooden (eco-friendly) and easily attaches to most cribs.  The bright colors will twist and turn all day and night to provide great stimulation.  It’s really a simple but excellent mobile.

JiSu Online Shopping Blog on Baby Mobiles - Manhattan Baby

Manhattan Baby Mobile


4. Dragons Wooden Ceiling Mobile

The Dragons Wooden Ceiling mobile attaches to the ceiling so it can stay up even after you baby is 5 months or older.  It’s simple but engaging with its bright colors.  Best of all, it’s one of the most cost effective options usually sold between $20 and $30.

JiSu Online Shopping Blog on Baby Mobiles - Dragons Ceiling

Dragons Ceiling Baby Mobile

5. Flensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, 5 Balloon Mobile

The Flensted balloon mobile is another ceiling option that your baby can enjoy for a long time.  It is in constant motion powered by just the air in the room.  Parents rave how beautiful it is but some have noted that it can be temperamental with balancing everything correctly.

JiSu Online Shopping Blog on Baby Mobiles - Flensted Mobiles

Flensted Balloon Baby Mobile

What did you think about our recommendations? Did you agree with the list? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Finally, as you shop for your baby, don’t forget to use your JiSu universal shopping cart to help shop online, review and create wish lists.


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